Welcome to Lindhurst High

Important Announcement - Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017

On August 21, 2017, for the first time since 1918, a solar eclipse will be visible on a path across the United States. Lindhurst High School has been busy planning to make this once in a lifetime event a unique learning experience for our students.   Parents and Guardians, please read the permission slip below if you would like your child to participate in viewing events.  Permission slips will have to be signed and returned to the school by August 21, 2017 to participate in the viewing events.


Mission Statement

Guiding and Preparing ALL Students for Success



  • Motivated, responsible, happy, prideful

  • Involved, strong curricular and extracurricular programs

  • Increase school spirit

  • Welcoming


  • Consistent/high expectations

  • Excellence

  • Embrace challenges, perseverance


  • Provide skills for employment and career

  • Ability to use technology

  • Understand and know how to problem solve, evaluate sources, and use common sense


  • Evolving teaching and learning practices

  • Viable and valid assessments

Lindhurst Hail

From o'er the rugged mountain--
Standing tall,
We hold our Blazer Banner over all.
Our Alma Mater calls--
we dare not fail--
we gladly give our hearts to you.
O Lindhurst Hail - O Lindhurst Hail!