Welcome to Lindhurst High

Mission Statement

Guiding and Preparing ALL Students for Success



  • Motivated, responsible, happy, prideful

  • Involved, strong curricular and extracurricular programs

  • Increase school spirit

  • Welcoming


  • Consistent/high expectations

  • Excellence

  • Embrace challenges, perseverance


  • Provide skills for employment and career

  • Ability to use technology

  • Understand and know how to problem solve, evaluate sources, and use common sense


  • Evolving teaching and learning practices

  • Viable and valid assessments

Lindhurst Hail

From o'er the rugged mountain--
Standing tall,
We hold our Blazer Banner over all.
Our Alma Mater calls--
we dare not fail--
we gladly give our hearts to you.
O Lindhurst Hail - O Lindhurst Hail!

Dain Blanton - August 8th

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