Student Driving Privileges

Students may drive to school with parent permission.  Upon arrival at school, students should park and secure their cars in the students’ parking lot.   Remember, driving to school is a privilege and the following regulations must be followed:
  • All driving laws and school rules are strictly enforced on school grounds.  
  • Vehicles may be searched by school officials with reasonable suspicion.
  • LHS is a closed campus, so students are not permitted to leave the campus without a Leave of Ground Pass.
  • At no time are students permitted to transport other students in their vehicle during the school day.

Student parking

The student parking lots at Lindhurst High School are located behind the school, with entrance off of Blazer Way.  Another student parking area is located the front left parking in front of the school.  Students must purchase a parking permit in the Student Store in order to park on campus.  The parking lot speed limit is 5 mph.  Students violating driving and parking rules will lose the privilege to bring their cars on campus.  Students are encouraged to lock their cars during the school day since the school will not assume responsibility for lost articles.