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  • Dance Hours – After game dances:  2 hours from the time the dance begins
  • Prom:  4 hours, from 8pm – 12am 
  • Students are not allowed to enter the dance 1 hour past the start of the dance (no exceptions).
  • Students should make arrangements for a ride home prior to coming to the dance.  Any student remaining on campus 45 minutes after the end of the dance may be turned over to the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Any student suspected of having unlawfully possessed, used, sold, or otherwise furnished or been under the influence of any controlled substance as defined in Section 1107 of the Health and Safety Code, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any kind will be removed from the dance immediately and placed in the custody of the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department. Students may be subject to expulsion.
  • Students must show their current LHS ID card or valid guest-pass with identification card to enter.
  • Any student causing a disruption, such as fighting prior to, during, or after the dance will be removed from the dance, suspended from school, and will face the possibility of the loss of participation in LHS activities for the remainder of the year.
  • Rules are the same as regular school day at the dance.
  • All guests must be cleared through the Assistant Principal no later than two (2) days before the dance. Guest passes are available in the Activities Office.
  • Guests at dances must be between the ages of 14-18. The only exceptions to the age requirements will be granted for bid dances (e.g. prom) with approval of an administrator who may stipulate that the guest agree to an interview, sobriety test at the time of the dance, chaperone responsibilities, or other appropriate conditions, however, guests must be under the age of 21 years old.
Intermediate school students are not permitted to attend any LHS dances