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Medication at School

As per Education Code 49423, medication will be allowed on campus under the following criteria:
1) The physician states it is necessary for medication to be given during school hours, or the medication may be needed in an emergency, such as for an allergic reaction.
2) Specific written directions for the administration of medication is given to school personnel by the physician.
3) Written authorization for the administration of the drug is signed by the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).
4) Medication brought to the school must have the original pharmacy label that includes the following information: the pupil’s name; the prescribing physician’s name; an ID number or name of the medication, or the manufacturer; the dosage to be given at specific times or specific situations. All medication must be turned in to the Attendance Office and may be logged by the Attendance Clerk.  Students are not allowed to carry medication with them.