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wendell anderson
Wendell Anderson
Humanitarian and Service
Wendell Anderson graduated from Lindhurst High in June of 1987 where he met his wife, Tammy, also a Lindhurst graduate, and they have been married for twenty-six years.  They have two children, Zachary is 24 and in the United States Air Force, and their daughter, Mikayla, a recent graduate of U.C. Davis.
Lindhurst is proud to recognize Wendell Anderson for his commitment to serving the citizens of Yuba County.  Beginning as a Reserve Deputy to Community Service Officer, to eventually a fulltime deputy sheriff on patrol, Sheriff Anderson continued to move up through the ranks.  He was eventually promoted to sergeant where he continued to serve in many capacities and then becoming a lieutenant. 
Wendell Anderson was recently elected to serve as the Sheriff Coroner of Yuba County.  As a former Lindhurst graduate, we are pleased to induct you into the LHS Hall of Fame for 2018 in the category of Humanitarian and Service, for your consistent service to the local community.  We appreciate your dedication to Yuba County.