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dave gathrow
Dave Gothrow
Humanitarian and Service

Dave Gothrow graduated from Lindhurst High School in 1985 andhas worked at the Linda Fire Department serving the community for nearly 30 years. His contributions as a first responder have helpedover 30,000 people in their time of need. In all instances, his demeanor is calm and graceful while treating all with dignity. While amember of the Linda Fire Department, he became a member in Swift Water Rescue Team and the Haz Mat Teams of Yuba County.  Additionally, the American Red Cross has recognized him for his service and bravery. He has always put his professionalism and the community first often-missing family celebrations. His selflessness speaks about his character.

As a member of the Linda Fire Association, he worked tirelessly to raise money for numerous organizations in the area. Youth programs, schools, Little League, Boys’ and Girls’ Scouts are a just a few of the programs who have benefitted from his volunteerism. Most recently, he has been involved in the Every 15 Minute Programs to prevent drunk driving in all of the local high schools. His specialty is make-up artistry, which helps to dramatize the image of what can occur in such horrific incidents.

We proudly recognize and induct Dave Gothrow into our Hall of Fame for 2017 Humanitarian and Service award. Lindhurst and the entire community is better because of your dedication and service.