My Child's Grades aren't Good, How Can I Find Out What is Going On?

Parents :  We all know that everyone needs help and support sometimes. Our goal at Lindhurst High School is to make sure those opportunities for help are easily accessible to you and your child. Please use the steps below as a guide to help your child get back on the path to success.

Step 1:  Use the Parent Grade Portal on the Web

Every student/Parent has a pin number they can use to gain access to every teacher'sonline grade book. In this grade book, you can see missing assignments, test scores, and any work that earns points in a class. It also enables you to easily email a teacher. This option is available 24/7, so if you need to get your pin number, please contact Teresa Russell at extension 2501.

Step 2:  Communicate Directly with a Teacher via Email

Counselors,although helpful, do not have information on your child's behavior/performance in the classroom. Only teachers can provide you with that information. Please use Email whenever possible to communicate with your child's teachers to get accurate, detailed information. You can find their emails in the Parent Portalor call the school to ask for it. (Most email addresses are first initial of first name and the full last name @

Step 3:  Contact your Child's Counselor

Use this option if you do not have access to the internet or if you would like to set up a face to face meeting with a teacher or teachers. Keep in mind that since teachers are in the classroom all day, conferences are generally arranged before school at 7:30am or after school at 3:00pm.  

Now That I Know what is Happening, What Can I do About It?

Problem  Solution Who to Speak To
Doesn't understand information given in class 
  • On Site Tutoring
  • Private (Free Tutoring)
  • Ask the teacher for assistance
  • Counselor
  • Mrs. Beckett
  • Teachers
 Not turning in assignments/lack of organization
  • Use a student agenda
  • Obtain appropriate supplies
  • Clean out backpack with a parent every few days
  •  Parent
  • Student
 Feels uncomforatable asking teachers for help
  •  Role Play how and when to ask for help
  • Ask a counselor for help
  •  Counselor/Parent
  • Student/Parent/Counselor
 Not getting along with teacher
  • Get the teacher's perspective BEFORE coming to a conclusion (2 sides to every story!)
  • Ask a counselor for help
  • Parent via email or conference
  • Student/Parent/Counselor
 Parent need/wants regular feedback about progress
  • Use weekly progress reports. Completed each Friday by teacher
  • Available in counseling office
 My child is perfectly capable, but just being lazy
  •  Use the parent portal to keep track of assignments or weekly progress
  • Give consequences and rewards as appropriate. (Phone use, game time, friend time, events, etc.)
  • Counselors can speak to your child as well.
  •  Parent
  • Counselor